C. A. Rich

 provides a reliable source of quality tooling and engineering services to a wide variety of industries.

Over 50 years of experience has led to a knowledge of both simple and complex forms and their manufacture.

This experience is reflected in the quality tooling and services offered including, model making, prototyping and precision engineering.

Our modern plant utilizes the latest technology and facilities available, encompassing both conventional methods, high speed CNC machine tools and C.A.D. C.A.M.

C.N.C. equipment installed in 1980, was supplemented in 1987 with a 3D C.A.D. C.A.M. system.

These were major commitments and are continually being upgraded to keep abreast with the latest developments and technologies.

C.A.Rich management has a continuing dedication to growth and the utilization of staff and techniques, that will satisfy the demands of even the most complex requirements.

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